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Enjoy your next round at RiverBend Golf Community

We are pleased to welcome Member guests to the golf course and to partake in Clubhouse activities. Select events and activities require the Member to pay a guest fee. Of course, we ask that all guests comply with the appropriate rules and regulations while visiting RiverBend.

Dress Code

  • Traditional golf attire is required at all times on the RiverBend Golf Course.
  • Soft spikes are mandatory and can be installed by ProShop staff for a nominal fee.
  • Tailored golf socks, sockettes or knee socks (no slouch socks) must be worn.
  • Athletic embroidered golf shirts are permitted.
  • Golf sandals are permitted.
  • Shirts must be tucked in unless designed to be worn otherwise.
  • Warm up pants are accepted in inclement weather.
  • Cargo pants/shorts and denim are not permitted.
  • Headgear caps and visors are not permitted on the main level of the Clubhouse.
  • Smart casual dress is required for dining events.
  • Men may wear collared shirts, turtle neck or mock turtle neck shirts.
  • Men may wear tailored pants or tailored golf style Bermuda shorts.
  • Women may wear collarless shirts with sleeves or sleeveless shirts with collars.
  • Women may wear tailored pants, golf shorts, skorts, capris or skirts.

Golf Carts

The RiverBend Golf Course is a wonderful course to walk and enjoy the views. However, for those who prefer motorized transportation around the links, electric golf carts are available.

Locker Room

Lockers are available for our guests.

Rules of Play

At RiverBend, Golf Canada rules govern all play except where local rules apply. Local rules include the following:

  • Out of Bounds: Defined by white stakes, white stakes with black caps, the inside edges of all paved roads, all property lines and future property lines.
  • Environmentally Sensitive Areas (Kains Woods): Defined by white or red stakes with black caps. For your own personal safety and that of the natural habitat, please do not enter these areas.
  • Penalty Areas at RiverBend are marked by red lines and/or red stakes.
  • Water Hazards: All water hazards at RiverBend are defined as lateral, marked by red lines and/or red stakes.
  • Ground under Repair: Includes all flowerbeds and ornamental plantings.
  • All staked trees are immovable obstructions.
  • Please be aware that the Practice Range is adjacent to the 7th and 9th holes. Caution is necessary in these areas.
  • Distance devices are allowed for all play at RiverBend.
  • Ball retrieval from residents' yards is not permitted. Please respect private property.
  • Please replace, repair and rake at all times. An 18 hole round at RiverBend should take no longer than 4 hours to play, please ensure golf is being played at all times.